Who we are

Envisioning a Sustainable World Powered by Nuclear Energy, Scientific Metals Corp. Leads the Way...

Empowering the World's Energy Landscape through Nuclear Energy Trade Excellence.

Scientific Metals Corp wants to remain a worldwide energy trading leader. Our 70-year history of innovation has set new nuclear energy benchmarks. Our innovative ideas and forward-thinking tactics will define the future. We maximize trade prospects and uncover market potential by committing to technical developments and smart resource integration. We change nuclear energy trading using sophisticated analytics, AI, and blockchain. Our imaginative approach allows us to provide efficient, secure, and sustainable solutions that drive profits for our valued partners.
We are passionate about pioneering industry-changing innovations as we begin our next chapter. We want to improve the nuclear energy trading industry via sustainable expansion and smart collaborations.

We will push the limits to create a future where nuclear energy powers sustainable progress. Join us as we reinvent the nuclear energy trade to bring value, innovation, and quality to our worldwide stakeholders.


Leadership Team

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Gabrielle Winn

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Mario Palmer

Managing Partner
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Kelly Williams

Chief Innovation Director